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Our Story


Howard's Metal Sales was founded on January 2nd, 1984 and grew from a dream of a young couple, Charles and Donna Howard in Chaplin, Kentucky, to provide for the needs of a small farming community. Through hard work and the grace of God, our company has become a trusted national source for quality metal products in residential, agricultural and commercial trades. 

Isaiah House, Inc. purchased Howard’s Metal Sales in December 2018 through a U.S. Department of Agriculture program to provide workforce development opportunities for people recovering from substance use disorder. As a non-profit business, all of the profit from sales is used to support long-term addiction treatment. 

Our company’s motto of, “Changing the way you view metal roofing” is met by offering a wide variety of profiles, finishes and installation techniques along with honest pricing and knowledgeable advice. We Replace, Repair and Recover with our metal while supporting addiction recovery.