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Metal Roofing

A National Metal Roofing Supplier

Howard's Metal is a Metal Roofing Supplier located near Lexington, KY, Louisville, KY, and Frankfort, KY and serving nationwide.  We offer a full range of metal roofing supplies including complete building packages.  Specializing in excellent customer service, we assist you with the entire project, from planning to completion.  We service all sizes of residential, commercial, and agricultural metal roofing projects.

Metal roofing gives residential, agricultural, and commercial projects the protection of steel, with an attractive appearance. We have a wide selection of metal roofing panels. Panel-Loc Plus™ is available in 3 qualities: Standard, Prime, and Ultra


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Residential Metal Roofing

metal roof on house

Whether you are building a new home or business or just doing a little remodeling, choosing a metal roof lowers a building’s heat gain saving money on cooling costs.

Since metal roofing is sustainable and environmentally friendly, it can qualify for LEED points, tax credits, and homeowners insurance discounts. This is because of the energy efficiency, high recycled content, long life span, impact ratings, and fire resistance ratings.

metal roofing project



Commercial Metal Roofing

commercial metal roofing

 commercial metal roof project

Architectural Metal Roofing 

Architectural Metal Roofing

Add dimension to your project!  Our complete line of colors and styles of metal roofing panels provides the options you need to complete your architectural roofing project. 

Agricultural Metal Roofing

metal roof on barn

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