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Color Visualizer

This Color Visualizer is an easy way for you to view metal roofing and siding on your home. Use our informative how-to videos or step-by-step instructions if you need help. Also, in the program itself, there are help menus that will walk you through each step of the process. You can turn these on and off by clicking on the question mark at the top right of the screen. If at any time you get stuck in the program, reload or close your browser and start over. The Color Visualizer is optimized for Google Chrome. Some features may not work properly in Internet Explorer. Use this color visualizer to quickly test different color combinations for your project. Upload a photo of your home, or try out some of our sample projects. 


How to use the color visualizer:

1. Using Sample Photos

Learn how to use the Color Visualizer to adjust colors and profiles using our sample residential, commercial and agricultural photos.

2. Uploading your own photo

Upload your own photo and mask areas using draw and erase tools. Then choose your colors and profiles to visualize metal roofing on your home.

3. Intermediate Features

This video further explains masking, how to adjust your photo with areas you might want to accent with paint, saving and exporting a design report.


STEP 1: Upload a photo of your home

  1. Click Upload a Photo of Your Home.
  2. Choose a file.
  3. Click Do It Yourself.
  4. Choose your “Project Type” (Agricultural, Commercial or Residential).

STEP 2: Set the scale.

  1. Find an item of which you know the dimension. (example: a door or window)
  2. Click and move the two yellow dots to measure that dimension.
  3. Click SET to apply.

STEP 3: Trace your roof

  1. Select ROOFING from the drop down menu and click +ADD LAYER
  2. Using the DRAW tools, find a corner point on your roof and click to begin the mask. Continue to outline the roof by moving your mouse and clicking at each point. End the mask by clicking back on your starting point. The cursor will change to a hand icon. When you finish the mask, the roof area will be highlighted.
  3. Use the ERASE tools to remove items you do not want to show up as metal roofing. Simply click ERASE and follow the outline of the item you want to erase. Remember to finish at the starting point.

STEP 4: Choose colors and profiles

  1. Click +Add Product button.
  2. Choose the color by clicking on the square of color that you like.
  3. Choose the profile by clicking on the square you want to view.
  4. Click the CLOSE button to apply.

STEP 5: Set the perspective

  1. Click the PERSPECTIVE button to make the profile look more realistic.
  2. Click and move the four yellow dots to match your roof line.
  3. Click the PERSPECTIVE button again to apply.

STEP 6: Preview your finished image.

  1. Click the PREVIEW button to view your finished image.
  2. To select a different color or profile, click back on the square showing the current roof color. Click the CLOSE button to apply.
  3. Watch our intermediate video to see how to mask multiple roofs, add painted colors to your home, save, and export a design report.