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PBR Panel

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PBR Panel
PBR Panel
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Commonly referred to as PBR-panel, this 26 gauge panel is an excellent choice for your projects that require commercial grade performance. R-Loc™ is designed to maximize the potential of your structures, specifically the steel frame. With an added purlin bearing leg, you can count on easier installation and a more pleasing appearance.

Next-Day Availability on PBR Metal Panels

Howard’s Metal can provide next-day availability on many of our PBR steel panels!  Don’t let delays slow down your metal building project.  Contact us today!

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PBR Metal Panels

Purlin-bearing rib panel (PBR) is an extremely versatile panel.  PBR metal panels can be used for both walls and roofs, and can be installed either vertically or horizontally.  PBR is an extremely popular choice, and can be used in residential, agricultural, commercial, and architectural applications. PBR roofing panels and wall panels are very durable, versatile, and attractive.  PBR steel panels have a more complete overlap than standard “R” panels, providing greater water-sealing and stronger joints.


  • Industry standard configuration allows maximum purlin spacing for cost-effective building.
  • Recommended for 1/2 : 12 or greater roof slopes, and ideal for low pitch commercial roofs.
  • Available in 26 gauge painted or 26 and 24 gauge acrylic Galvalume®.
  • R-Loc™ comes in over 18 colors